Your Lawyer’s Role

(May 02, 2015 )

Your Lawyer’s Role
Your lawyer plays a very important role in your home purchase and will provide many services including:
 Making sure the current ownership (Title) is clear and there are no claims registered against the property and if so, ensuring the title will be cleared before you take possession.
 Making sure the agreement and all schedules, amendments and waivers are correct and accounted for.
 Calculating the closing costs and providing you with a cost summary so you will know how much money you need to close the deal.
 Reviewing your financing.
 Providing advice about title insurance
 Discussing the survey with you, if needed, regarding irregular lots, easements, encroachments or any other issue.
 Examining the Status Certificate for condominiums and providing insight regarding how the property is being managed, the financial standing for the condo, etc.
 And much more, ask your Lawyer for further details.