Step By Step Closing with Lawyer

(May 13, 2015 )

  • Your lawyer will contact the sellers’ lawyer with any questions or issues regarding title and cost that have to be resolved before closing can take place.
  •  Hydro, gas and water companies serving the property should be contacted by your lawyer for final meter readings on the day of closing
  •  Your lawyer will also make sure these utilities have no outstanding claims against the property  for unpaid bills and usually arrange for the utilities to transferred to your name. Or you may  need to contact the hydro and gas company yourself to find out the security deposit and tell  them that you would be moving in and give them a forwarding  address for the previous owner  so any outstanding bills would go to them.
  •   You should contact the telephone company and cable company to arrange for all services   to     be put in your name
  •   Sent out your change of address notices and fill out a card at the post office.
  •   Plan to notify the Ministry of Transportation right after you close, for drivers licence car  registration.
  •   Well before closing, contact your insurance agent to arrange homeowner’s insurance coverage   to become effective on the date of closing. They may not issue you a policy before that date,    but your agent can give you a “binder” letter, certifying that home owners coverage is in  place. You may need to produce this document before closing. You may also want to talk to  your agent about mortgage life insurance. I suggest getting online quotes that way you can get  5%. off.
  •   Your lawyer will review and verify the draft deed ( the document that transfer ownership from  the seller to you) statement of adjustments and other closing information provided by the  seller’s lawyer, and will deal any problems as they arise 
  •  Your Bank will send mortgage papers to your lawyer for closing.
  •   A day before closing, you will meet with your lawyer to go over and sign the closing  documents. Also bring with you to certified cheque to cover the cost involved. Your lawyer  will let you know what the amounts are before the meeting.
  •   On closing day there is usually no need for you to be present. The lawyer for both parties    exchange documents, key and cheques and then register the deed and mortgage. Soon after, you  will be given the keys to your new home.
  •    On closing day you will go pickup your keys from your lawyer , as soon as you get the  key , go to your new home to check if all the appliances are in good working order if not  contact your lawyer know that.