Home Buying Process

Step # 1 – Find the Right Realtor Buying a home is a detailed process. Finding the right realtor who understands your goals and has the experience to help you achieve them is key.  Banu has extensive experience helping people achieve their goals and is committed to looking after your best interests.
Step # 2 – Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Most people buying a home need to get a mortgage. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage will help you budget for your new home while ensuring you only view homes within your price range.
.Step # 3 – Viewing Homes It’s time to get out there and view some homes!
First  Banu will set you up on our Team Home Finder program, to receive all the properties that match your specifications via email. Look through the listings and email Banu the MLS number and the address of each home you would like to view. Make sure you give Banu as much notice as you can and she will set up the viewings and confirm where and when you will meet.
Step # 4 – Making an Offer When you find the home of your dreams, it is advisable to present a competitive offer immediately. Banu will help you determine the value of the home by studying comparable sales of similar homes in the area. After reviewing the comparables and determining value, it’s time to negotiate the offer!
Step # 5 – Conditional Agreement Generally the negotiated agreement will be conditional for you to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase and the financing is in place. The most common conditions are financing, inspection and status certificate (Condominium). There may be other conditions more specifically related to the property situation. Most conditional agreements will temporarily take the property off the market until the conditions are met. These final details are handled and inspections are performed to ensure the property is “perfect” for you
.Step # 6 – Firm Agreement for Closing When the conditions are met and “waived” from the contract the property is sold FIRM. At this point, all documents are forwarded to your solicitor who will prepare the closing documents. Banu will probably insert a pre-closing visit into the agreement which will happen at a mutually agreeable time for you and the seller. Now it’s time for you to start packing!